Monochrome Greens & Browns

I was having a little potter around the garden looking for inspiration for this week’s theme and I thought about all the green that usually features in my photos. So I pondered a green-on-green kind of a shot, and looked for opportunities as I wandered. So, some very green photos ensued … Then I was…… Continue reading Monochrome Greens & Browns

Fresh Spring Greens

The Beech tree in the garden is turning greener and greener as all the fresh green leaves emerge from the buds. Today has been far too windy but these were taken last weekend. I’m hoping the weather will improve so I will get a chance for more photos during this long weekend.

Green Green Grass(hopper) of Home

We had a little walk yesterday when the rain showers took a break, and I went grasshopper hunting again. I only managed to spot one but he was pretty co-operative and let me take a few shots. This one is a Common Green Grasshopper, an especially green one it seems, blending with the green green…… Continue reading Green Green Grass(hopper) of Home

Green Tree

It may be the middle of winter but some trees are still very green, though not from leaves. This one at the bottom of my parents’ garden is covered in lichen and moss which makes it very interesting to photograph. Well, interesting to me anyway, as I like that kind of thing! 🙂 All these…… Continue reading Green Tree