these are the doubtful days the self-critical days the days where all is looked at through magnifying lenses and found wanting where every word and action is analysed and over-analysed and I’m so busy analysing that more words and actions slip out of me unbidden snippy, snappy, grumpy-face and the loop repeats and still youContinue reading “loop”


my mood is inversely proportional to the amount of time I’ve spent awake when I should have been asleep I’m tempted to draw a graph though it’s unnecessary no maths or science are really required just listen to my voice turned snappy and short I am grumpiness personified so I try to be nice andContinue reading “grump-graph”

an ode to Mondays

only fecking Monday? that really can’t be right I need another weekend please tell me it’s in sight my temper’s frayed already and I nearly spilt my tea my computer is annoying can I throw it in the sea? there are too many people they won’t leave me alone can’t they see I’m grumpy andContinue reading “an ode to Mondays”