consistently weary persistently dreary walking in a grey, drab world muffled and gruffled I continue snappily less than happily if I could clear this sleep-lack if I could only find the knack to sleep all night without a break without a wake to shift my aches and pains perhaps I’d get my focus back if…… Continue reading sleep-lack


these are the doubtful days the self-critical days the days where all is looked at through magnifying lenses and found wanting where every word and action is analysed and over-analysed and I’m so busy analysing that more words and actions slip out of me unbidden snippy, snappy, grumpy-face and the loop repeats and still you…… Continue reading loop


irritable and antsy I jiggle and squirm looking for comfort as my eyes droop wearily and I sag defeated aware of the shame of my ungrateful grumpiness perhaps if we go to sleep now tomorrow will be better

an ode to Mondays

only fecking Monday? that really can’t be right I need another weekend please tell me it’s in sight my temper’s frayed already and I nearly spilt my tea my computer is annoying can I throw it in the sea? there are too many people they won’t leave me alone can’t they see I’m grumpy and…… Continue reading an ode to Mondays