I’m back home now, but still have some photos to post from my trip to Bournemouth. I mentioned that there were gulls as well as ducks and pigeons up at Coy Pond, and today we have some photos of them. They were all black headed gulls, which are somehow nicer than herring gulls (in my…… Continue reading Gulls

Bathing Pigeons

We were at Coy Pond today again watching the ducks and gulls, and the pigeons were hanging around as usual, but today it seemed that they were feeling a bit grubby as several of them decided to have a wash at the edge of the pond. They looked quite funny and I took a few…… Continue reading Bathing Pigeons

Peaceful Beach Views

We went for a little trip to Aberaeron yesterday – a town down the coast road from Aberystwyth – and enjoyed a sunny (but windswept) walk by the sea around the harbour. I took lots of photos, but these ones are my favourite calm, peaceful photos of the sea, the beach and gulls flying. It…… Continue reading Peaceful Beach Views