Longed-for Reward

my longed-for reward
survival of winter brings
a carpet of blue


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Reward.”


tired haiku

my tired eyes droop
must work despite pain, I sigh
then I think of you

you brighten my mind
and lightened I press onward
’til I’m home with you

Inspired by
 photo HaikuWedsmall_zps3f3d0ac7.jpg

sciatica haiku

pain drags me under
tired tears fill up my eyes
wishing for sweet rest

your love lifts me up
snuggled close in your warm arms
I have all I need

blossom haiku


blossoms cling on tight
against the wind’s buffeting
lest they turn to snow

Cider Haiku

I think that it’s time
I went to bed, this cider’s
gone straight to my head

Note to Self

Remember not to
Drink Mountain Dew or else I
Turn very loopy


morning coffee drunk
feeling slightly foolish now
last night’s panic gone

morning smile

awake with a smile
instead of a frown these days
because of you, dear

my face just beaming
my heart swelled with love for you
happy overflows


Tennyson, Damien Rice
It somehow just works

Quill spilt to CD
Both bleeding ink and passion
I lay back, absorbed

The Blower’s Daughter
Now sleeps the crimson petal
And be lost in me