2016 Top 10

I thought I’d see what the usual WordPress Year in Review said about what went on here in 2016 … but there isn’t one this year for some reason. So instead I looked up my stats myself and here are my top 10 posts from the year. Hope you like seeing the featured photos from the posts again.

All of the photos are of wonderful natural areas, creatures and flowers, which can be seen year after year as the seasons continue to roll. They have such resilience, and I look forward to spotting the damsels, dragons, spring flowers, butterflies and ferns as 2017 unfurls.

If you want to read a post, just click the title (clicking the photo will let you see a larger version of the photo).

I think my personal favourite is number 5 when I witnessed brand new damselflies emerging by my garden pond 🙂 Feel free to let me know your favourite if you like.

  1. The Simpler the Better
  2. Seeing the Future in a Flowering Currant
  3. Spring will come
  4. Weekly Photo Challenge: Time
  5. Privilege
  6. Light and Gentle
  7. Tasty Treats?
  8. Fluctuating State of Mind
  9. Pure Joy
  10. Unfurling

Thank you for reading during 2016 🙂 Happy New Year! May 2017 be a peaceful, happy and hopeful year for you and yours.


Inspired by the turning of the year and by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Resilient.


Dainty Robert

A dainty little Herb Robert flower I spotted a couple of days ago during a dry spell.


Happy New Year

Looking Back and Looking Forward

As all WordPressers know, this is the time of year when you get an email from WordPress with a link to your ‘Annual Report’. You have the opportunity to post it on your blog, but it’s a bit dry and I’m not sure how interesting it is to other people! However it does tell me what were my most popular posts over the last year, so I thought I might do a little recap so you can enjoy your favourite images again 🙂

At number 1 was ‘If I had to be specific‘ – a post about dragons being my muse. Maybe it’s the close-up of the eyes that did it with this one. I love getting close to their amazing eyes!

At number 2 was ‘Symbols of my life‘ – a post including photos from some key moments in my life. I think you bloggers love a happy ending, and a romance that started here on WordPress is something special 🙂

At number 3 we have ‘Are you looking at me?!‘, another dragon post. A Common Darter, who was looking at me as much as I was looking at him!

Number 4 was ‘Finding my happy‘. This one was about my happy place, which isn’t really a place it’s more of a situation – strolling on a nice sunny day finding lovely small things to photograph out there in nature.

And coming in at number 5 was ‘Yellow Thirds‘, an accidentally yellow post when I was choosing photos that particularly showed the rule of thirds off.

Thank you so much for all your visits to my blog. I really appreciate it. Hope you have enjoyed this recap of your favourite posts of the year.

Have a lovely evening tonight whether you’ll be out on the town or tucked up in your warm home. Remember life is short, and love is what matters, so if you’re making New Year’s resolutions why not add one for seizing the day, grabbing that opportunity, being brave and loving with all your heart. Don’t let life slip by you while you merely exist. Let’s make 2016 a year of living, laughing and loving eachother whether we’re friends, family or strangers.

Happy New Year!

love, Suzy x