Dandelion Life

I love Dandelions, especially at this time of year! When there are not a lot of flowers about the Dandelions pop up all over the place providing a great source of food for insects. They brighten up the place too. Not to mention the enduring attraction of photographing Dandelion clocks.

Yesterday I kept nipping out into the garden to see what I could see and the Dandelions were the centre of the action.I love this photo of a Honeybee on a Dandelion 🙂


Here’s another Honeybee – this one has already been very busy and has full pollen sacks:


Also enjoying the Dandelions were various hoverflies:



Finding My Happy

My happy place isn’t an actual place … more a type of place. It could be anywhere really, as long as there’s nature to explore. My happy can be found in a relaxing stroll among the plants and small creatures, getting down among the grass stalks and seeing what I can see.

Perhaps I will find a seed making a nice shadow on a blade of grass:


Or spot some beautiful grass flowers, which are often unappreciated:


There might be a hoverfly enjoying the ragwort, with the sunshine making everything glow:


I may meet weird and wonderful creatures down in the undergrowth, like this unusual ‘snout hoverfly’ (Rhingia campestris):


Or I may delight in finding an interesting shieldbug that I’ve not seen very often (a Hairy Shieldbug in this case):


I might discover how cute and tiny baby Dock Bugs are:


I may glory in the chirruping of grasshoppers, and enjoy the challenge of finding them and getting a shot:


And of course my favourite Dragonflies make any location a happy place:


And I have a soft spot for the Speckled Wood butterflies too, less showy than some others, but just as beautiful:


The wonder of intricate webs can be part of my happy too (as long as the spider doesn’t scuttle towards me!):


Happiness is being out in the middle of nature
Looking at the small things

As long as it’s not raining :-/

Although …

then there will be droplets! 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happy Place.”

Sunshine Dragon

I absolutely love this shot I got today! The sun was coming and going as clouds kept blocking it out and I was wandering around the village pond looking out for wildlife. I came upon this dragonfly in the tall grass and as I was kneeling to get a low-down shot, the sun came out and turned it into a magical scene full of bokeh and sparkle 🙂


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Symbols of my Life

I was considering the Weekly Photo Challenge of ‘Symbol’ and wondering how this could be applied in my macro world. I could have taken photos of my engagement ring, but that’s not very original, so in the end I decided to think about important moments in my life and photos that symbolise them.

This was just over 3 years ago, when I’d just about gotten over a really difficult couple of years and was trying to feel more positivity about the future. I took this photo of myself with a remote shutter, with the camera on the tripod. I was trying to capture myself twirling, letting go of the past and its heartbreak, and feeling the joy (it was my birthday). It symbolises the end of one era and the start of a new & better one.


This one is me with my camera a few weeks later. I was in Bournemouth with my sister and my children and you can see that the positivity was working, I was beginning to find myself again and enjoy life. And of course I was really getting into photography. I’d had the camera for about 3 months at this point – my first proper DSLR – and I was finding my niche. (Thanks to my sister for this photo)


And then a wonderful thing happened… through blogging I met a lovely man 🙂

Here’s Bruce and I out for a walk during our first weekend together. This is symbolic, as I’m sure you can imagine, of the beginning of our relationship, when we met in person for the first time after getting to know eachother online.


And here we are nearly a year later – happy and together, engaged and sharing a home. This one symbolises the real, solid, happy partnership that developed from the virtual, online beginning.


And just to finish off … this one is now – just a few minutes ago 🙂 I dragged poor Bruce outside to take a selfie with me so that I could add it to this post.

This one symbolises the future.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Symbol.”

Found a Dragon!

On Saturday once the weather improved we went for a little walk around the village. The village pond was a hive of activity! There were damselflies everywhere, and I got my first dragonfly shot of the year! Yay. I have a fair few shots of this lovely male Broad-Bodied Chaser, but this one is my favourite:

Mr Broad-Bodied Chaser Dragonfly (Available for Sale in my Shop)

I also spotted a flash of golden yellow as a female appeared. They seemed to be doing a bit of mid-flight mating and then she went hovering near the water apparently laying eggs. I was lucky to get this shot of her hovering over the water. Not the best shot in the world but I’m pleased to have captured it.

Mrs Broad-Bodied Chaser Dragonfly

Hurrah for dragons! 🙂


my heart is swelled
fat full and brimming
a surfeit cornucopia
each beat a pulse of love
for you, for all of you
my family, my people
my precious, precious ones
and to my heart
I hold you tight
and tender

Happy Kitten


This kitten at my daughter’s riding school really wanted a cuddle this morning, and once she had her way, she was very happy about it 🙂 Very cute.

Welcome to any readers who’ve joined us from my other blog which is going to be closing down – this will now be the location for Nature Diary blog posts as well as the usual posts you would normally find here. Thanks very much if you voted or commented on my poll – it was very helpful 🙂


you make me smile
so much
that I can’t
make my lips
and I stumble
press my
too-wide mouth
to yours


if the end seems far out of sight
angle your face towards the light
the shadows it will chase away
and brighten up the darkest day

though your pain can be hard to bear
you will surely find comfort there
and if your heart is sore and sad
know that this light will make you glad

but each new day brings wind and rain
it seems the sun won’t shine again
where is it that I’ll find this light?
the chance of sunny spells is slight

the light is in your children’s eyes
it glows there in your partner’s guise
it shines out in your cat’s loud purr
it softly lies in pet’s soft fur

so see the light and let it in
remember there is joy within
there is much more to life than pain
and you have everything to gain

so stop and feel the light of love
this light’s not just from sky above
let all your darkness melt away
now in love’s arms you gently lay


This is an attempt at a Cyhydedd Fer, which is a form of Welsh poetry. To be honest I’m not entirely sure about rhyming … I wonder if it makes a poem seem less real, and more like a Nursery Rhyme, but I like the traditions and sometimes like to give them a go. I hope you feel the positive message of this poem, whether or not you enjoy a rhyme!

to you

in this life that I live
   with its ups and its downs
      with its tears and its frowns

when I’m often in pain
   and feeling so weary
      so tired and dreary

in this wild head of mine
   where the worries swirl round
      anxieties abound

where golden honey’d glow
   can swiftly change its hue
      to deepest darkest blue

in this life that I live …

      there’s YOU

and no matter what
   brings me down
      you always
            lift me UP
               ’til I’m flying
                  above all the clouds
                     and I’m happy inside
                        where it matters the most

I can’t tell you
how you changed me
   for good
and how precious
   you are
how I love you
   so much

so much more than too



I could stay
in this warm soft glow
with you
hand in hand