More Hazel & Coal Tits

I wasn’t very impressed with my Hazel flower photos yesterday so I thought I’d have another go today and I think these are better. It’s odd that I’ve never noticed these before!

While looking for Hazel flowers I noticed a few more buds, and some small catkins which made me wonder if they were female flowers of some sort too, as all the other catkins on that plant have been out for ages and these are new.

Another thing I wanted to do today was try and get a shot or two of the Coal Tits … the quality is somewhat variable, but these are my best shots:

Of course, I couldn’t just ignore the other birds, so here are a few more of the birds that were visiting this morning:

Weather news is that it’s cloudy and really quite chilly today, with a cold wind. Not that pleasant for long walks or sitting in the garden watching the birds!