This is why …

This is why I stare into the hedgerow while I’m walking. I probably look pretty odd, but if you look in the hedgerow as you are walking you might spot some interesting little creatures hiding among the grass and leaves. It’s a lovely sunny spring day today, and I spotted a few creatures along myContinue reading “This is why …”

Latest Arrivals

The spring flowers are making their appearance in their allotted slots. Some people ask me if I get bored taking shots of the same things in the same places, but I don’t! I love the thrill of springtime, watching and waiting for the flowers to show up when its their turn, and waiting for theContinue reading “Latest Arrivals”

Autumn Bounty

Autumn is firmly here, despite a few warm days. Mornings start cold and misty, and today there was a touch of frost. The trees are changing colour. Currently the Beech is turning yellow and later in the year it will turn to brown. Along the wall by the church, the cotoneaster is covered in berriesContinue reading “Autumn Bounty”

Beginnings of Autumn

I thought I’d do a little country diary catch-up today and let you know what is going on in nature around the village at the moment. Well, it feels very much like autumn to me – the temperature has been consistently lower, the mist hangs across the river in the morning, and some of theContinue reading “Beginnings of Autumn”

Nature Diary Catchup

Time for a catch-up on the Nature Diary today. It’s a good day to sit down and write as it’s not very nice weather. The last few days have turned wet and windy which is a real shame after we’ve had some nice dry and warm days. Before I write about nature in the village,Continue reading “Nature Diary Catchup”


This morning I had a brief walk in the village while I had a few minutes and it wasn’t raining. I wanted to see how the Blackthorn was doing and get some photos of a blossom tree that I noticed was flowering while driving past to work and back. The Blackthorn flowers I posted lastContinue reading “Blossoming”

Thorny Droplet

I got out for a walk today and have taken lots of photos. This is one of my favourites. It’s lovely to get the combination of lots of droplets from the rain, but with sunshine and blue sky to make them sparkle and have pretty reflections in them. I will post more droplets over theContinue reading “Thorny Droplet”

A Winter’s Day

Today has been more like a “proper” winter’s day, with a frosty start and chill in the air, and blue skies making it look deceptively warm and inviting. It was something like 2oC when we went out for a walk this morning and it was necessary to wrap up warm. Despite the cold, I wasContinue reading “A Winter’s Day”