Make yourself at home

I spent some time in the garden today watching the solitary bees investigating my bee hotel. One of the holes seemed particularly popular. Here’s solitary bee 1 helpfully pointing to the most popular hole: In case I needed further persuasion of the benefits of this hole over any of the others, little bee entered toContinue reading “Make yourself at home”

Bee Memories

Here’s a lovely little bee for you from a week or two back, before the weather turned wet and blustery. Remember the bees? They swarmed in our house, which was a tad unfortunate, and then set up home in the soffits of our roof. We grew quite fond of them after a while as theyContinue reading “Bee Memories”

after work

after all day spent in a box I dip my toes into the meadow then dive… swim through the grass leap over the bushes splash back into ferns and bramble slow down drink in the haze herb robert evening primrose alchemilla willowherb as insects buzz their drunken songs and I am sinking back sinking intoContinue reading “after work”