these are the doubtful days the self-critical days the days where all is looked at through magnifying lenses and found wanting where every word and action is analysed and over-analysed and I’m so busy analysing that more words and actions slip out of me unbidden snippy, snappy, grumpy-face and the loop repeats and still you…… Continue reading loop


wings clipped by aches and pains weighed down by crazy hormones so tired, so weary I cannot fly I cannot soar I cannot feel the joy of every bit of life so I just sit and lie down and sigh and try not to sink


and these tired eyes stare blankly at the screen willing words of beauty to emerge but only tumbling thoughts and fumbling weary weight as fingers slip and slide ‘cross keyboard and I wonder is anything left of me when all are done and had their part or just this husk drawn to dust and fading…… Continue reading husk


not good enough not fun enough not good enough not brave enough not good enough not sexy enough not good enough too shy too blue too much too many it rants and rants around my brain you ask am I ok and my answer only tears no words illogical irrational and oh so tired so…… Continue reading enough