I was taking photos of my daughter and her friend having a showjumping lesson today, and I was pretty pleased with managing to catch some shots of my daughter in mid-air. She says jumping is like flying and I can see why 🙂

Horse Love

This is a photo I snapped on my iPhone to put on Instagram this morning while taking my daughter riding. This horse is called George and he’s old and gentle and very friendly. My daughter loves him and was giving him a cuddle. This really sums her up – she just LOVES horses! It’s not…… Continue reading Horse Love

Lonely Horse

I was out for a walk on Saturday and this horse was making a lot of noise, neighing and whinnying and galloping up and down. It seemed to be calling out to a friend as occasionally there was a distant reply. I think the horse was feeling a bit lonely – perhaps it normally has…… Continue reading Lonely Horse

Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

This photo sums up my daughter’s joy in riding. She adores horses and ponies and she is always delighted when she gets to go riding. This was taken before a Show Jumping competition earlier this year, when she was very excited and joyful to be riding Dotty the pony, and to be doing jumping, which…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Cross Country

This morning was spent with my daughter at a show – she was taking part in show-jumping and cross country on Carrots, a pony from the stables she goes to regularly. This is her jumping over one of the cross country jumps. I took many photos, as you’d imagine, and I think that this is…… Continue reading Cross Country