Sun Sparkles

I went for a brief walk today. It was hot and sunny, too hot for me really, but I wanted to visit the village pond and see if there were any dragonflies. I didn’t stay long, but got a few shots. I have been having a bit of trouble with my auto-focus, and was a…… Continue reading Sun Sparkles

Hot Dragon

We ventured out to Cors Caron today, even though it is still very hot (well, hot for the UK). We only managed a short walk before deciding it was just too hot for us. I spotted a female Black Darter dragonfly having the same kind of problem. She was ‘obelisking’ to keep cool. The obelisk posture is…… Continue reading Hot Dragon

summer garden

shade creeps towards me from the big beech tree blackbird sings and sparrows chirp on gently swinging feeders in its arching branches time has slowed in this heat moving like syrup as the sun slides slowly down the slope of the blue I could sit here all day like the cat beside me lazing in…… Continue reading summer garden

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

At the moment in much of the UK, it is HOT… not hot by comparison with some parts of the world, but for us it’s hot! And it’s been hot for a while and looks set to continue. So when I saw the photo challenge was “fresh” all I could think of were cool showers…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh