Sun Fly

It’s blustery and not ideal weather conditions for macro photos today, but I still have some left from last weekend. I’m hoping maybe tomorrow will be less windy and I can get out again. The Hoverflies are still around, although there seems less of them now as Autumn comes. They’ve had to move from the Ragwort…… Continue reading Sun Fly

Beaky Hoverfly … and why I’m quiet

This is a photo I took about a week ago of a weird hoverfly with a long “beak”. Odd thing, but kind of cool. Its Latin name is Rhingia campestris. I haven’t been posting much the last few days because I’m having trouble sitting and using my laptop because I have what I’m assuming is…… Continue reading Beaky Hoverfly … and why I’m quiet

Splash of Sunshine

If the sun is not shining where you are, perhaps these photos will brighten your day! 🙂 There were a lot of hoverflies in the garden yesterday so I got some shots of them. All different sorts. They all seem to really like these bright yellow flowers. Thanks to a friendly person on Flickr I…… Continue reading Splash of Sunshine

Hovering on Hebe

The Hebe in the garden is out in full force now and it’s attracting insects. I sat out for a while today taking photos of what was visiting. It was so hot though – I couldn’t stay there for long – I’m not really a hot weather person. Too much sun makes me grumpy, uncomfortable…… Continue reading Hovering on Hebe