Ok, so what is a grid really? One definition says: a network of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles. If you just take the first part, I have plenty of photos… A network of lines that cross each other … How about criss-crossing branches with a cute squirrel…… Continue reading Grids?

Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself

Sometimes the creatures I take photos of express themselves quite clearly and it’s possible to capture that in a photograph. Here’s a few that make me smile 🙂 And because this song is now stuck in my head … Or if you prefer the original:  In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself


implausible news of a malfunctioning left buttock has me stretching inaccessible areas contorting limbs and looking in surprise at the feebleness of my efforts and it hurts my goodness it hurts and yet I find relief in doing something in taking action against the pain despite it causing pain but hoping that this pain is…… Continue reading bottom

The very small snail and the very big caterpillar

Once upon a time there was a very small snail. The very small snail was lonely, just sliding around looking for a friend. Then one day he had a terrible shock. A very big caterpillar appeared. He looked so big and scary so the very small snail hid inside his shell. But the very big…… Continue reading The very small snail and the very big caterpillar

An Ode to Tea

Drink of champions Ultimate refreshment Makes everything better No matter what the world throws at you Tea is always there It never leaves you Parched and alone When problems surround When everything seems too hard Stop and make tea Pour on the water Watch the colour stain Stir and stir and stir As thoughts swirl…… Continue reading An Ode to Tea


Reluctant to sweep them away The cobwebs build in corners What if there’s a spider there Holding her breath Waiting to feel a vibration Back along the threads Even though she knows He’s far away down many Interconnecting lines of silk I’ll let them stay Encouraging the spider romance Hoping they haven’t lost their appetite…… Continue reading Cobwebs