letting go

seems I fail at letting go of past hurts speak of leaving them behind yet hold them to me tight picking at the scabs making them bleed putting the past behind me forgiving and forgetting … so much easier if the past doesn’t creep up and grab me by the ankle pulling me back in…… Continue reading letting go

fluff and prickles

all of us are made of fluff and prickles to different degrees damaged and hurting we protect ourselves under these spiked shells no hurt can reach us pain cannot enter but neither can love there comes a time when risks must be taken inner softness shown made vulnerable open and exposed soft feathery heart


I wrapped a gag around my face tight muzzled myself, to stop the words trying to hold back the spillage but the words bled out around the edges trickling down my chin, and onto the page blending with my tears of confusion inner battles laid out like exhibits for all to see and peer at…… Continue reading Ungagged