Frosty Morning

It was a frosty morning at my parents’ house this morning so I went out in the garden to see what I could see. My favourite thing was the combination of frozen and melting droplets on the grass as the sun warmed everything up. So pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

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I is for Icicle

Ok I admit this is a fairly tenuous link to the Weekly Photo Challenge which is ‘Alphabet’ this week… but this is what is available to photograph at the moment. It starts with an I and is the shape of an I too … well, the ‘grown up’ icicles would be – these are more like babies. Anyway I think they were worth getting cold for – hope you enjoy them too ๐Ÿ™‚

Baby icicle

Baby icicle

Baby icicle

Baby icicle

Baby icicle

Icy Bug’s Eye View

Today I awoke to a sprinkling of snow and/or hail. The weather has been decidedly wintry lately, though we haven’t had a good snowfall, just a sprinkling here and there. The pond is frozen over and it’s very chilly. I went out to have a look and see what I could see (as I do!) and decided to get down low and look at all the ice in the grass. Luckily for me we have a little tiny tripod type thing which you can screw into the bottom of the camera, plus my camera has a flip screen and live view … I say luckily as the alternative would have been to lie on my belly in the icy grass to get these shots! I also had a low tech solution of a plastic bag to kneel on and avoid getting soggy jeans! My leg is now more sore than usual, but never mind, it was worth it ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_9894-Edit IMG_9906-Edit IMG_9911-Edit IMG_9917-Edit IMG_9921-Edit IMG_9927-Edit IMG_9928-Edit

Ice Droplets

After the sunny raindrops last Saturday, the raindrops on the Sunday were quite different! I went out in the garden to see if I could get some shots of the frost and discovered there were frozen raindrops all over the place! Strange and beautiful. The quality of these photos is not as good as I’d like – I should have used the tripod as it was very gloomy…





I’m visiting my parents for Christmas and on a morning potter around the garden and nearby lanes, we spotted a patch of frosty grass where you could see the little ‘towers’ of frost. Even thought it’s rather chilly, I’m kind of wishing for more hard frosts and icicles! ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_9310-Edit

A quick note

This morning was bright and cold. A lovely pink blush to the clouds and ice on the pond. I haven’t ventured far, and have been busy indoors. There is talk of a real cold snap coming … we’ll see what happens.

Erica in the Snow

This is the last of my photos from last weekend, some pretty Erica flowers with the remains of the snow still on them. With the white and pink colours they remind me of candy ๐Ÿ™‚

remember this …

when darkness falls
as thick as death
and all you see
is in your head

when ice surrounds
as cold as night
and all you feel
is frozen numb

when everything’s
and all you do
is just exist

remember this …

the light will come
hope will return
your heart will thaw
this will be won

your soul is strong
your mind is tough
you will emerge
transformed and bright

you’re not the dark
you’re not the ice
they are not you
be free, take flight

this isn’t everything you are
breathe deeply in the silence
no sudden moves
this isn’t everything you are
just take the hand that’s offered
and hold on tight
this isn’t everything you are
there’s joy not far from here
I know there is
this isn’t everything you are

Snow Patrol – This Isn’t Everything You Are


I’ve been experimenting in monochrome for some of my photos – some things just seem to suit it – these are a few of my monochrome shots (including more icicles!):


IMG_2694snow is the headline grabber
the big draw
but my eye is taken
by the icicles
the drip drip drip
that turned to ice
and grew
until long bony fingers
hang catching light
and pointing
down at the snow
as if to say
don’t look at these
mere flakes
see how much more
there is to us

For more icicle photos, see my photography blog


Today we have a lovely blanket of snow, but of course, me being me and rather macro obsessed I didn’t take many photos of the snowy landscape and focused on the small things. I love all these icicles I found ๐Ÿ™‚

I wrote an icicle poem too, if you like that kind of thing!

Iced Over

The last time I visited this nature reserve (Cors Caron) was in the summer when it was warm and bright and alive with insects. Now it is cold and bare and frozen and the ponds are iced over. But there is still beauty in the ice.