my mind had shrunk the edges of my world closed in smallness constrained me the distance from here to there a back and forth of steps repeating every pause a waiting for the returning wave until at last the tide was done


at night it comes steals sleep from me and wracks my body’s weary bones and every cough brings stabs of pain in muscles strained by repetition ’til here I sit in break from work head throbbing back twinging day-dreaming of my bed and wishing to float away on peaceful clouds and rest a while regain…… Continue reading cough


the fog lifts oh so slow from my less woolly head and the aches start to ease in my neck and my limbs and I feel more awake and less keen to lie down and the hots and the colds are less hot and less cold but that cough will not leave it just keeps…… Continue reading cough


heaviness my head feels too large for my neck eyes unfocused staring at nothing silent cotton wool head achy ear dreaming of climbing under duvet and sleeping for days but knowing I can’t and I won’t feeling a draining blanketing gloom like a mist hanging heavy over the river separated from the world it’s there…… Continue reading today

Feverish Nonsense

I feel a little feverish (both metaphor and physical) There’s a flush on my cheeks (and a pain in my ear) And I’m thinking about thinking about you (An entirely different kind of you) And I’m thinking I should be thinking about work Though my mind wanders And begins its ponders On topics of distance…… Continue reading Feverish Nonsense