Drawing the Eye Indoors

I had an urge to take some photos today, but didn’t have much energy to venture out anywhere. So I decided to take some photos of our house plants. We have a bunch of cacti and succulents, and a (slightly random) Fuchsia in our living room. When I saw this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge, I realised…… Continue reading Drawing the Eye Indoors


when the rain is battering the window when the wind is whistling round the door I’ll think I’ll just sit here in dressing gown and slippers and stay snuggled in the warm

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light

I was pleased to see that the weekly photo challenge this week is based on light – that gave me the perfect excuse to light a candle and have some fun taking photos. It’s been cold out and I’ve been a bit uninspired with the lack of flowers and insects and other nice things, but…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Let there be light