Moths in the Garden

I discovered by chance today that it is National Moth Week at the moment. This seems to be an event mainly focused in the US but it has spread and there are various events across the globe. This made me think of the other day when I saw a moth I had never seen before! SoContinue reading “Moths in the Garden”

Fluffy the Skipper & Friends

Meet Fluffy the Skipper… wouldn’t you just like to give him a cuddle? Skippers are probably the most cuddly-looking butterflies you’re ever likely to meet. The first time I saw one I assumed it was some kind of moth as they’re usually the more fluffy ones. Fluffy wasn’t alone – there were other fluffy andContinue reading “Fluffy the Skipper & Friends”

More Hoppers

I mentioned grasshoppers in my last post and there wasn’t just that one that I included in the post … there were loads! It made me laugh seeing them springing around everywhere as I walked through the grass near the village pond. I was trying to identify these but it seems like telling grasshopper species apartContinue reading “More Hoppers”

Meet Sally Stonefly

Welcome to my garden, Sally Stonefly! I’m not just going around giving insects names, honestly! I found this interesting insect in my garden yesterday evening and spent a long time trying to work out what it was. Eventually I discovered it was a Common Yellow Sally Stonefly (Isoperla grammatica) … Sally Stonefly for short 🙂Continue reading “Meet Sally Stonefly”

Dancing Fly

Apologies in advance for the silliness of this post! I saw that the weekly photo challenge was Motion this week and it reminded me of a photo I took last weekend of some flies… I was taking a photo of this pair of flies when the one at the front twiddled its head round inContinue reading “Dancing Fly”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

I’ve spent ages pondering what photos to choose for the weekly challenge this week, veering from one angle to another. In the end I’ve gone for three quite different photos showing both actual depth and depth of field. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”

Bee Memories

Here’s a lovely little bee for you from a week or two back, before the weather turned wet and blustery. Remember the bees? They swarmed in our house, which was a tad unfortunate, and then set up home in the soffits of our roof. We grew quite fond of them after a while as theyContinue reading “Bee Memories”