I’ve been in pain now for almost 5 years. I have days when I rail against it, days when I feel depressed and hopeless, days when I wonder what is the point and how I will keep going. But… pain has given me some gifts too. Pain has showed me how strong I am. HowContinue reading “Pain”

Dragonfly Eyes

It starts with a movement you catch out of the corner of your eye. A flutter of wings, a humming buzz as it flies past your ear. It’s a dragon! Adrenaline pumps and your mouth moves into a smile. Insects that have been on earth for millennia, still here today, flying past your head, in your village,Continue reading “Dragonfly Eyes”

Autumn is coming

Even though I love the spring (and summer), I am looking forward to the autumn arriving. The house feels more cosy and inviting with the heating on and lights glowing in the dark. We’ll snuggle under blankets and I’ll crochet more warm things. In the day time I’ll be able to go for walks andContinue reading “Autumn is coming”