Friendly Lambs

Another thing (or things) I saw at the weekend was lambs. Lots of lovely cute little lambs. Most were at the far side of fields staying by their mums but these two (twins) came lolloping over towards me in a friendly way. Their mum stood by keeping an eye to see if I was a danger, but after a couple of minute she went back to munching on grass. I felt highly honoured 🙂







Lonely Lamb

These photos are from about 10 days ago I think, when Bruce and I were out for a walk. There are lots of lambs around at the moment, and mostly they stick fairly close to their mums apart from when they’re running and leaping around like loons. But this one seemed a bit lost and lonely hanging around all alone down one end of a field with no mum in sight. He (or she) would occasionally stand and baa rather pathetically but there was no answering baa back from his mum. I felt very sorry for him and took lots of photos while he looked at me vaguely hopefully. I would have been there all day worrying about him but Bruce finally persuaded me to leave. Hope he found his mum eventually…