Ordinary Leaves

The weekly photo challenge is looking at finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. I was thinking about the things we look beyond, and in nature, I’m often looking at the flowers, or the insects and don’t take much notice of the leaves. However at this time of year they’re especially interesting and worth a look,…… Continue reading Ordinary Leaves

Stormy Tears

The weather is atrocious as I’m sure you know if you are in the UK. It’s not really ideal for macro photos as even when the rain stops it’s too windy! I sneaked out for five minutes today to try and get some shots of droplets on leaves. There was too much wind and not…… Continue reading Stormy Tears


you just    by       being          you you are    sunshine warming my heart    light illuminating my darkness    bringing out the best in me and I bask in the glow  of having you near

A Leaf

a leafripped from its treenow flying in the windflutters higher and lowercaught by the currentsin the air no choice in where it goestossed and batteredby the gustsas the wind dies downit falls from the airdrifting down until itslying on the pavementpeople walk over itnot seeing it thereit’s invisibledrying out and turning into a leafy skeletona shadow of…… Continue reading A Leaf