Frosty Leaves

Yesterday morning, there was a frost and all the fallen leaves were looking pretty with a frosty coating. Sums up this time of year of autumn moving into winter, with the autumn leaves and the cold frost.



Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: It’s Not This Time of Year Without…


Autumn by the river

As I mentioned, last weekend I took a long walk through the woods down by the river. It was beautiful! I’m glad I went then because this weekend is mostly grey and damp and we’ve had a lot of wind during the week which will have stripped of some of these lovely leaves. The only down side to my walk was that according to my back/leg I went a little too far, and suffered for it afterwards. However, I think it was worth it.

Soon after I started walking I came upon this lovely site – a gorgeous Beech tree that had already created a lovely carpet of orange leaves on the ground:


Looking out at the river from under the tree:


And looking back at the tree again, with its glorious orange carpet:


Close up of a branch complete with raindrop:


Further on in my walk I came to this raised area, where there was another beautiful carpet of leaves. As the sun came out the shadows of the trees made stripes on the carpet and you can even see me there too if you look:


With the sun streaming through the trees, the light was lovely:


There was still a fair amount of greenery, although it was mostly turning at least yellowish, if not golden orange:


Further on, the path went under the trees and again, the carpet of orange leaves made it look magical:


I had to keep stopping to take another photo round every corner!:


And finally, back near the river again I took another shot of the trees on the bank, with a little glimpse of the river on the right:


Autumn in the Village

Most of what I include in my blog would fit the Weekly Photo Challenge this week: Local. I don’t often venture very far, mainly taking photos around my village, and occasionally a few miles away in Cors Caron. So it’s all very much local. What is going in on my local area at the moment is the slow march of autumn, as the trees turn from green to gold, most of the flowers are gone, and the air cools and freshens.

From flowers to interesting shaped seeds and dried up stalks
Lovely Rosebay Willowherb fluff adorned with droplets
Rosehips from the Dog Rose


Fallen Beech leaf
Fallen Oak leaves, glowing in the autumn sun
Oak tree turning from green to golden

Resilience and Attitude

I admire the resilience of nature. I’m not sure you can really say that nature has ‘a good attitude’ as nature is not a person, but there is something to aspire to in the way nature just keeps on coming back every time and trying again. Each springtime everything starts to grow again and even after the worst winter nature doesn’t give up and keeps on pushing on. Even when humans concrete over nature, plants will burst through and keep on trying to survive.

I haven’t had a chance to take many photos this week, but here are some more of the lovely fresh Beech leaves doing their thing, unfurling after surviving the winter for another year.

IMG_3166-Edit IMG_3171-Edit IMG_3101-Edit

And here’s a couple of photos I’ve shared before. No matter how many times the grass gets mowed (or not so much, in my case) these ‘weeds’ keep on coming back. And I for one am glad they do.



Another thing I admire right now are people who keep a positive attitude while suffering. I have this idea in my head of the sort of person who people talk about “oh she’s in so much pain, but you’d never know it” or “she’s gone through so much but she’s always there looking after others”. I compare myself with this imaginary paragon of virtue and feel like a failure. I try to stay positive and keep on going, but it does get hard. So I will try and learn from nature. Just keep on keeping on.

Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration.


As spring really takes off there are buds bursting all over the place and it’s fabulous!

Last week the leaves on the Rowan (Mountain Ash) in my garden were bursting out:

Today I spotted the first of the buds to burst on the Beech tree in the front. Most of the tree is just buds, but this one branch has burst so soon it will all be green 🙂

Lower down the tree there were a few more bursting buds that I could get closer to. I love how hairy they are!

Elsewhere in the village, I also spotted that there are lots of Sycamore leaves emerging:

And looking up into the old Oak tree on the corner I saw new leaves there too:

It’s all looking so fresh and green out there 🙂 I love spring!

Ordinary Leaves

The weekly photo challenge is looking at finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. I was thinking about the things we look beyond, and in nature, I’m often looking at the flowers, or the insects and don’t take much notice of the leaves. However at this time of year they’re especially interesting and worth a look, and if you look really closely, they’re quite extraordinary!







In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

Fresh Spring Greens

The Beech tree in the garden is turning greener and greener as all the fresh green leaves emerge from the buds. Today has been far too windy but these were taken last weekend. I’m hoping the weather will improve so I will get a chance for more photos during this long weekend.




Mist and fog patches, and occasional drizzle

The weather continues very autumnally (is that a word!?). The trees are changing colour swiftly and it is very mixed weather with lots of dampness and not a lot of sun lately. I was pottering around the garden the other day and spotted this pair of leaves – I love how the little one looks like a heart 🙂


And this is a quick iPhone photo I took from my bedroom window showing you the reason for all the leaves on the grass. We have a Tulip Tree on the left and a Beech tree on the right. It’s lovely to have this view to greet me in the morning. Further afield across the village I can also see the hillside changing colour and trees all around in other gardens and field edges changing too.


I have another day off today (it’s half-term) and maybe if the weather forecast is true I may venture out later – “However, through the day there should be some bright spells”…

Outbreaks of patchy rain or drizzle

The weather at the moment has not been so nice – not all that good for photography. I have very little time and then when I do, the weather is as above. So I nipped out when the rain and drizzle had stopped for a minute and got a few shots. It’s now raining again :-/ Ah well, at least I got out for a few minutes 🙂

Autumn leaf caught in a raindrop on the hedge
Many raindrops collected on this Tulip Tree leaf
Beech leaves fallen in the bird bath, with droplets magnifying their veins

Autumn Leaves


I was too late to catch much of the sunlight still hanging around in the garden this evening but I stepped outside to see what remained. After a damp few days it was nice to see some sunshine. This patch of very autumnal leaves caught my eye. The Beech hasn’t completely turned, as you can see, and it’s still mainly green, but there are patches of golden brown leaves all a round, each growing larger by the day. As these caught the sun I thought what a nice picture it would make. So here we are.

Autumn Oak

Autumn is definitely here – the Oak tree has been dropping lots of leaves. Each one looks like a map only an insect could follow 🙂