Holly Bokeh

My holly tree was all covered in shiny droplets yesterday, each one catching the light, giving a great chance for catching some bokeh. Here are a few photos that catch the holly bokeh quite well I think. I do like bokeh when it comes just by chance, although I have deliberately manufactured it on occasionContinue reading “Holly Bokeh”

night leaves

turning leaves smoulder in the night despite dark masking them from view the blackness seems to stifle life and smother all the light and good but still the smoky mists drift up from changing burning foliage the embers simmer darkly there until the lick of morning’s tongue creeps over the horizon bare and trees ignite,Continue reading “night leaves”


the change in season poetically addressed such a glut of words we must make word jam as colours change and forests blaze here mid bryn and cwm and enveloping coedwig change cannot be missed daily journey painted more brightly every day slows us down to stare it would be remiss not to note the changeContinue reading “Change”