Snake’s Head Fritillary

On 5th May I bought a Snake’s Head Fritillary from No.21 Flowers (a gorgeous little florist  in Aberystwyth). Well, technically it was more than one, but they came together in a pot. Snake’s Head Fritillary is a strange and beautiful flower that looks like it’s not really of this world. When I’ve posted pictures before,Continue reading “Snake’s Head Fritillary”


A Dragonfly’s life begins in the water and remains there for up to five years. The part of the life-cycle that we usually see is very brief and is only a fraction of their lifetime. In order to reach they point where they appear to be the king of the airways, they must survive and growContinue reading “Dragonflies”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Time can seem endless, and yet pass so swiftly at the same time. Some creatures’ lives are so short and yet so much changes during the time they live. This is a caterpillar of the Drinker Moth, spotted in the garden in January: It’s hard to believe that after some time passes it becomes thisContinue reading “Weekly Photo Challenge: Time”

Shieldbug Secrets

  Did you know that both these photos are of the same species of Shieldbug (Palomena prasina – the Common Green Shieldbug)? No? Neither did I until fairly recently when I discovered “instars” – these are phases the bug goes through between moults. So it moults off its exoskeleton and inside is a slightly moreContinue reading “Shieldbug Secrets”