On the Hook, 4/4/20

Another peculiar week of working from home and online meetings. Not as stressful as last week, thankfully, but still very odd at times. I will have to venture out later to pick up prescriptions. It’s so weird that something that I used to consider perfectly normally now seems scary and strange. So anyway, back toContinue reading “On the Hook, 4/4/20”

On the Hook, 21/3/20

Despite the massive changes going on locally and around the world, some things are still the same. I’m clinging onto those things, holding them close, and trying not to dissolve into a puddle of anxiety. So let’s keep normal service going and do my regular update of what I’ve been crocheting this week. Like lastContinue reading “On the Hook, 21/3/20”

On the Hook, 14/3/20

Well, I can safely say that I will not be completing my Kaleidoscope Blanket by the end of the CAL! I’ve only done one triangle this week! Very slack. But I will get there eventually, so no worries. I have been crocheting though, of course… I bought myself a new (to me) dress from eBayContinue reading “On the Hook, 14/3/20”

Tiny Toadflax

  I took my camera to work today and had a walk during my lunch break to see what I could see. This is a tiny flower I spotted growing on a wall. After a lot of searching I’ve discovered it is an Ivy-Leaved Toadflax. I liked the droplets on it as well as theContinue reading “Tiny Toadflax”

More Crocuses

Since spotting that first golden crocus, more have shot up and Bruce showed me a couple of patches he’d found just up the hill in our village. So I couldn’t help but take some more shots. I also spotted some tucked in the shade of a hedge so they’re a little bit further behind andContinue reading “More Crocuses”