Spring in October

I’ve been through the dying days of autumn where all was drying, cracking, ending I’ve been through the silent days of winter where all was empty, frozen, lonely This feels like spring despite October written on the changing leaves Springtime came, false start at first with storms and sudden icy blasts of lies But that…… Continue reading Spring in October


there’s a special kind of tessellation of a head upon a chest with an arm wrapped around just so when everything fits so comfortable and right as hearts beat together and breathing gets slower into sleep or instead of getting slower there’s a change in the mood and a charge in the air and fingers…… Continue reading Tessellation

Wasting Time

lost in my own head empty hours stretch out before me as i realise i have absolutely no idea what to do paralysed by indecision sat in a car park thinking about thinking about what i could be doing with this time wasting it squandering it making a drama out of it and still i…… Continue reading Wasting Time

Is this all there is?

melting my brain with random TV crap is this all there is now? endless days of working, kids’ stuff, cooking, cleaning washing, mowing worrying, fretting staring mindlessly at mindless drivel sitting alone wondering what is the point of it all