Poetry in Music – Hallelujah

This gives me goosebumps, and makes me cry, and has started a bit of a love affair with Leonard Cohen. I am sad that I only just found him! All the other versions of this song that came afterwards have now paled into insignificance for me. Thanks to Susan for posting this on FB. AndContinue reading “Poetry in Music – Hallelujah”

A Moment (to remember when times are bad)

Standing tallFeeling happyI am a good personI am worthy of loveI am beautiful in my own way Singing loudlySun shiningWind in my hair Not caring what I look likeNot caring what anyone thinksIn this moment There is life flowing through my veinsAnd the future is not yet written


Reluctant to sweep them away The cobwebs build in corners What if there’s a spider there Holding her breath Waiting to feel a vibration Back along the threads Even though she knows He’s far away down many Interconnecting lines of silk I’ll let them stay Encouraging the spider romance Hoping they haven’t lost their appetiteContinue reading “Cobwebs”