Pony Love

As you know, if you have been reading for a while, my daughter is horse-mad. I spend many weekends watching her ride in lessons and competitions. It’s her ‘thing’. This is her in the middle of a competition at the weekend, between rounds. She looks like she’s communicating telepathically with the pony! I decided toContinue reading “Pony Love”

On typewriters, of romance

  Today we have forgotten whose shoulders we stand   On typewrites, the greats works have been produced but on occasion, mediocre sequels too let us not be an unkind sequel   Typewriters were the combination of engineering meeting out romance and the mundane Love letters producing the most careful of tears “My dearest darling”Continue reading “On typewriters, of romance”

Weekly Photo Challenge – Summer Lovin’

I was thinking about what I could post for this week’s weekly photo challenge Summer Lovin’ and realised this flower would fit the bill … it’s summer, and it’s called Love-in-the-mist. Perfect … summer + love = summer lovin’ 🙂