Insect Communication

This week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge is on the topic of communication. As you’d expect from me, I’ve gone with nature and small things… Bees perform dances to tell other bees where the best food is. While I don’t have photos of bees dancing, I do have plenty of photos of bees doing other things! HoverfliesContinue reading “Insect Communication”

The Foot-High Club

Taking a break from finishing off the photos from Compton Acres today to bring you a pair of Dragonflies mating in mid-air. Quite tricky to photograph but I’m pleased to have got some half-decent shots.  Rather than joining the mile-high club as is the phrase with such activities on an aeroplane, these guys are joiningContinue reading “The Foot-High Club”

Spring Fever

I noticed these 24-spot Ladybirds when I was out walking yesterday, and only noticed when I got back home and looked at the pictures that they are a little confused. Everywhere there were various bugs and beetles full of spring fever, in the process of passing on their genes to the next generation. These twoContinue reading “Spring Fever”

Beetle Lovin’

Yesterday in a walk around the village, it became apparent that this is a time of love and affection in the insect world. Wherever we looked there were beetles of various sorts ‘getting it on’! It was quite fascinating. Spring-fever is definitely in full flow at the moment, and we have lots of babies toContinue reading “Beetle Lovin’”

More from Cors Caron

On Friday I mentioned all the wildlife we saw on a walk at Cors Caron, but so far I’ve only shared photos of one of the damselflies and the grasshoppers … so here I am to rectify matters and bring you some other lovely wildlife from that day. First off, here is the shot IContinue reading “More from Cors Caron”