Autumn Memories

into the coppery hallsof beech and intricate oakto be close to the treesas they whisper togetherlet fall their leaves,and we die for the winter  Whim Wood from Katherine Towers’ The Remedies Inspired by the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Autumn.


for twenty years (and nine months) I have loved youfor twenty years (and nine months) I have held you close to my heartour love is now measured in decades!decades of laughter, worry, joy, fear, LOVEand though you are a man nowyou are always my baby boya six foot baby boy with a beard,but still myContinue reading “Twenty”

Vivid Nature

vivid producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind (of a colour) intensely deep or bright. I was thinking about this word as I went for my walk today, and was looking out for some vivid colours… How about the vivid yellows, pinks and greens in the meadow? Or perhaps the vivid bluesContinue reading “Vivid Nature”

the view from here

the view from here has changed the meadows where we ran so wild and free all gone replaced by houses stacked in rows all neatly lawned and edged no trace remains of childhood days spent playing there a world of pure imagination (at least ’til time for tea) the cows moved on to other fieldsContinue reading “the view from here”

daisy chain

long gone warm summer days on the village green grass prickling my chubby bare legs reaching for yet more daisies for a chain that could reach the sky one after another added to the endless length and all that mattered was the careful task make a hole thread it through make another thread it throughContinue reading “daisy chain”

snippets of ancient memories

in my pushchair, under a red hooded raincover feeling safe and dry on the back of mum’s bike watching vertical lines pass by on some kind of underpass a trip to the library maybe less pleasant glimpse of crying on the sofa as the cat who had gone blind stumbled round and round crashing into things making me sob with sadness that sofa whichContinue reading “snippets of ancient memories”