snippets of ancient memories

in my pushchair, under a red hooded raincover feeling safe and dry on the back of mum’s bike watching vertical lines pass by on some kind of underpass a trip to the library maybe less pleasant glimpse of crying on the sofa as the cat who had gone blind stumbled round and round crashing into things making me sob with sadness that sofa which…… Continue reading snippets of ancient memories

the panic

the first time was when I saw that photograph that he said wasn’t what it looked like that was the first time that it ripped through me this panic unwordable fear he lied it was exactly what it looked like and he broke me and still I suffer


clutching at memories of our time together before they fade like old photographs yellowed and curled at the edges struggling to slide back into my normal life without you next to me without a hand to hold as I walk your taste lingers in my mouth your breath still fills my lungs your sound heard…… Continue reading adjusting

Childhood Days

days of endless summer freedom of the fields hiding in the tall grass until the farmer made hay days of scrambling out of bed as soon as we woke “I’m going out to play!” yelled out, assuming someone heard in my memory it never rained and no one fell or cried just sunshine, playtime imaginations…… Continue reading Childhood Days