my mind is so filled with thoughts of many sizes fears and anxieties mundane and philosophical a constant chatter of head noise that I cannot speak for fear it will all leak out

remember this …

when darkness falls as thick as death and all you see is in your head when ice surrounds as cold as night and all you feel is frozen numb when everything’s impossible and all you do is just exist remember this … the light will come hope will return your heart will thaw this will…… Continue reading remember this …

guardian angel

my mind travels with you cross-country like a strange kind of guardian angel floating above you whispering words of love and calm and muttering platform numbers at every change of trains

My Mind is Gone

an ache in the head my brain is mostly dead my eyes are tired concentration expired it’s all I can do to write these words my mind has wandered off with the birds floating around in a cloudy grey sky while my body just wishes to lie and sleep in a heap with you