another birthday another year of living and I am content no roller-coasters to fear I ride the teacups hand in hand with you and many many birthdays will come and go together

missing you

our connection s t r e t c h e s cross-country from my fingertip to yours and I ache with missing you you are written on my eyelids you are spoken in every breath you are nestled close to my chest and I smile at the promise of sweet reunion to come

good morning

morning came slowly creeping so gently like warm sticky honey over my bones sleepy stretch yawning reaching to hold you but you’re softly waking far far away sending my mind trails instead of fingers tendrils of thoughts that reach right to your side feel these sweet kisses prickles of static holding you close to me…… Continue reading good morning


in an unfolded bed far far away I imagine your smile and your warm tender arms dream of my ear in its place ‘gainst your chest as your heart’s lullaby the calm pounding rhythm gentles me softly to sleep