Fluctuating State of Mind


My state of mind has fluctuated quite a bit this morning. I realised the day was bright and calm so rushed to get washed and dressed and headed out with the camera. At first I was uplifted. Sunshine, not too cold, blue sky, fresh air, what could be better. Then my mood dropped a little as…… Continue reading Fluctuating State of Mind


not good enough not fun enough not good enough not brave enough not good enough not sexy enough not good enough too shy too blue too much too many it rants and rants around my brain you ask am I ok and my answer only tears no words illogical irrational and oh so tired so…… Continue reading enough


the dip in the road approaches I feel it and I fear it all these days I was strong now so weary can I fight it?

skin maths

the thickness of my skin I think would be directly proportional to the level of my mood and therefore, confidence and one might draw a diagram (to illustrate) and display this mathematical function on graph paper neatly with a pencil (sharpened) and ruler if one was in the mood for such things

nature weeps

Mother Nature’s moodswings as violent as my own she is weeping and wailing her tears pour down my window pane her cries whistle round the chimney such confusion it should be spring but she is so cold and alone nothing makes sense in this mixed up world the gentle warmth of spring sunshine is forgotten…… Continue reading nature weeps


a heavy chain made of fear and worry wraps tight around my chest making breathing shallow and turning lips to blue solid links of cold hard iron dig into my flesh stifling suffocating holding me down and all I can do is wait head bowed tears welling hanging on to your hand until the chain…… Continue reading Chained