polite thoughts on being a woman

sometimes it’s hard to be a woman not because of the giving-all-your-love-to-just-one-man thing no, cos that’s easy all my love is yours and yours alone but sometimes being a woman is just a big pile of doo-doo (to put it politely) and without going into detail lest I risk the dreaded TMI it sucks  

word space

sometimes words need space to breathe to savour each d e l i c i o u s droplet sometimes they come out in-a-rush stumbling over themselves tripping over each other in a hurry to be heard in this space my words are free to be themselves to flow with my mood swings to disobeyContinue reading “word space”

nature weeps

Mother Nature’s moodswings as violent as my own she is weeping and wailing her tears pour down my window pane her cries whistle round the chimney such confusion it should be spring but she is so cold and alone nothing makes sense in this mixed up world the gentle warmth of spring sunshine is forgottenContinue reading “nature weeps”