Good Morning Damsels

If I’m lucky, in a couple of weeks, I may have the joy of watching Damselflies emerge from my pond in the morning before starting work (from home), or while I’m having a morning tea break. The end of April / beginning of May seems to be the time for it, looking back through my…… Continue reading Good Morning Damsels

Sunny morning

On Thursday morning I was making packed lunches in the kitchen when I noticed how the sun was shining low in the sky making the dew-soaked grass twinkle. So as soon as I’d sorted out the sandwiches I nipped out and got a few photos. This one was my favourite 🙂

Honey at both ends of the day

I was getting ready for work yesterday morning and noticed the Honeysuckle through the window, looking pretty with raindrops in the morning light. So I grabbed a shot which turned out surprisingly not bad considering it was taken through glass. This reminded me that I took a couple of photos of the Honeysuckle in the…… Continue reading Honey at both ends of the day


today morning starts softly a haze on the hills under cotton-wool clouds horizon indistinct mere smudge ‘tween sea and sky and my mind is there on that horizon wishing

dust fairies

dust fairies dance in the sunlight streaming through the window and I realise this is why I’m not house-proud and don’t spend hours dusting so that when the light’s just so and the breeze just right the fairies can dance round my house and bring a little sprinkle of magic and smiles

morning stretch

sticky bleary eyes drag their way open reluctant to let go of sleep stretch and yawn slump back into pillow denying the time alarmed my angel returns bearing tea and kisses morning can now be faced

good morning

morning came slowly creeping so gently like warm sticky honey over my bones sleepy stretch yawning reaching to hold you but you’re softly waking far far away sending my mind trails instead of fingers tendrils of thoughts that reach right to your side feel these sweet kisses prickles of static holding you close to me…… Continue reading good morning