new day

early morning sun
streams sideways
shadows sparkle
in wind flurries
tiny clouds drift
lazy ‘cross the sky
the stormy night
has dawned a fresh new day



morning starts softly
a haze on the hills
under cotton-wool clouds
horizon indistinct
mere smudge ‘tween
sea and sky
and my mind is there
on that horizon

A quick note

This morning was bright and cold. A lovely pink blush to the clouds and ice on the pond. I haven’t ventured far, and have been busy indoors. There is talk of a real cold snap coming … we’ll see what happens.

dust fairies

dust fairies dance
in the sunlight
streaming through the window
and I realise
this is why I’m not house-proud
and don’t spend hours dusting
so that
when the light’s just so
and the breeze just right
the fairies can dance
round my house
and bring
a little

morning stretch

sticky bleary eyes
drag their way open
reluctant to let go of sleep
stretch and yawn
slump back into pillow
denying the time alarmed
my angel returns
bearing tea and kisses
morning can now be faced

good morning

morning came slowly
creeping so gently
like warm sticky honey over my bones

sleepy stretch yawning
reaching to hold you
but you’re softly waking far far away

sending my mind trails
instead of fingers
tendrils of thoughts that reach right to your side

feel these sweet kisses
prickles of static
holding you close to me inside my mind


light creeps
over the sill
makes its way
‘cross our bed
gentle kisses
I drop
on your
warm fuzzy head
so you squirm
snuggle in
say hello
with a grin
and I bury
my smile
in your hair

morning moon

1-moonthe morning moon hangs low
over the treetops
like a ripe fruit
watching over the hills
calm and serene

across the valley
the sun stretches and yawns
sends sunbeams bouncing off clouds
grabbing attention
dazzling eyes

the morning moon rests
wide smiling face relaxed
soft and gently glowing
patiently biding time
til darkness falls again

drive through art

as I drive
my windscreen frames
the world drawn silent
with chalk and charcoal
silhouettes of gnarled trees
dark against pink and grey clouds
smudged across sky
chalkdust mist hangs heavy
along the valley
as a flurry of birds
disturb the stillness
and complete the picture