Hummingbird Hawk-moth

Today I saw my first Hummingbird Hawk-moth! I managed to get a few half-decent photos, but even without perfectly focused images, it was pretty cool! They’re quite big and as the name suggests they flap their wings quickly and hover, poking out their long proboscis to suck up nectar from the flowers. This one flewContinue reading “Hummingbird Hawk-moth”

Moth for lunch

While walking at Cors Caron last weekend I spotted a Damselfly looking a little odd. From a distance it looked like it had a rather distorted whitish head! When I got a closer look I realised it was eating a quite large lunch of a moth. Poor moth, but Damselflies need to eat too! ItContinue reading “Moth for lunch”

Punk Caterpillar

While walking round the village at the weekend, Bruce spotted this caterpillar on a small tree near the pond. I’ve never seen a caterpillar like this before! A very strange punk hairstyle! Being so distinctive made him fairly easy to identify and it turns out he’s a Pale Tussock Moth caterpillar. Another new discovery –Continue reading “Punk Caterpillar”

Magpie Moth

Today I got home from work and before I’d even got in the door, this moth decided it wanted to be noticed! It fluttered around me and my daughter as we came in through the gate and caught my eye. I thought at first it was a butterfly until it stopped on a leaf. AContinue reading “Magpie Moth”

Pottering in the Garden

I managed to finish work a little early today so had a quick look around the garden to see what was going on… I was pleased to see that my little Lavender bush is flowering and had a bee visiting: The Buff-Tip Moth caterpillars have grown loads since the last time I photographed them: AndContinue reading “Pottering in the Garden”

Punk Caterpillar

I took a bunch of photos of these caterpillars that Bruce spotted in the garden yesterday, but this is definitely my favourite. It’s not technically the best shot, but it makes me smile. I love how the caterpillar’s standing up with attitude like it’s saying “what’re you looking at?!” and daring me to comment onContinue reading “Punk Caterpillar”

A mouse or a moth?!

We found this moth in the garden today, and it’s very strange and very cute. Looks like a cross between a mouse and a moth – so furry and cuddly-looking! I’m not sure he’d actually appreciate being cuddled, although he did very kindly let me take a few photos … I’m not sure what heContinue reading “A mouse or a moth?!”