I am a hermit, curled tight in my shell. Face pressed into the warmth of my creativity. I cannot rise above perpetual pain to be your beacon in the night. The world is larger than my mind can stretch. You will move beyond to the stars.

Happy Mother’s Day


In the UK it is Mother’s Day today. When I was small I’m sure I remember picking bunches of wildflowers for my Mum. I’d pick daisies and whatever other little flowers I could find and present them in my grubby little hand, and my Mum would act like it was a great gift. Happy Mother’s…… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day


taxi service listening ear giver of hugs homework adviser encourager dispenser of medicine holder of the purse-strings worrier provider of snack-filled cupboards sanity checker for crazy ideas defender of your right to be yourself to be happy to dream to live … while I have the right to remain exhausted

a new adventure

only 10 minutes surely since your birth accompanied by Norah Jones come away with me and the wonder of a baby girl (convinced you’d be a boy) and now tall and strong beautiful long-haired horse-mad entirely yourself and proud to be so taking changes in your stride understanding past your years now laying down to…… Continue reading a new adventure