my mum


I cannot write
the kind of lines
that rhyme in
glossy greeting cards
with cheesy
sentimental fluff
about how much you mean

but you, my mum
deserve some effort here

for all the years
you’ve listened
and worried
when I’m far away

for care you took
when I was small
to let me know
that I was loved
and housework
could be left to wait
’til we had finished

for sharing love
of books and nature
accepting my
wildflower bouquets
to the library
and time
and time again

for working hard
to scrimp and save
so we could learn
in better ways
away from those
who were not friends

for being loyal
and cheering me
when I have doubts

for building values
for my life
and yet
accepting choices
I have made
though they’d not
be your own

so I thank you
from my heart
for being there
for being you
for simply


mothers day

mothers day
slipped by
without fanfare
just with
buttons stuck
on a cupcake
made of card
and felt
in blue of course
just for me
and your face
earnestly shining
for approval
and I know
there is no need
for fuss
my children’s
happy smiles
laughs and hugs
and silly giggly nonsense
are my reward
and pleasure