Sending love on Mother’s Day …

to you who carried your child spilled blood, sweat and tears to bring them into the world to you who’s chosen your child and gathered them in to become your family to you who yearned and longed for a child of your own feeling incomplete without to you who knows what it is to carry…… Continue reading Sending love on Mother’s Day …

Happy Mother’s Day


In the UK it is Mother’s Day today. When I was small I’m sure I remember picking bunches of wildflowers for my Mum. I’d pick daisies and whatever other little flowers I could find and present them in my grubby little hand, and my Mum would act like it was a great gift. Happy Mother’s…… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day

my mum

I cannot write the kind of lines that rhyme in glossy greeting cards with cheesy sentimental fluff about how much you mean but you, my mum deserve some effort here for all the years you’ve listened helped and worried when I’m far away for care you took when I was small to let me know…… Continue reading my mum