Musical Romance

I will break out of my usual poetic posting temporarily as I want to share 2 songs that I am loving at the moment, both of which are recently new to me and have been discovered via you lovely bloggers. Firstly and most importantly is this one … Every Part of Me – Steve Earle.Continue reading “Musical Romance”

Music is not a strong enough word

when darkness rages cross the sky responsibilities abated I let slip my grip on being “normal” I close my eyes and lose myself in sounds of melodies of hearts and souls and time slows and bows and warps and slides and my mind glides away washed with emotions evoked drenched with passions explored body moving toContinue reading “Music is not a strong enough word”

Poetry in Music – If Ever I Stray

If Ever I Stray – Frank Turner Really like this song and love the video, makes me smile 🙂 Enjoy! The words released … Forgive me someone, for I have sinned And I know not where I should begin Some days it feels like you just can’t win No matter what you do or say.Continue reading “Poetry in Music – If Ever I Stray”

Poetry in Music – Hallelujah

This gives me goosebumps, and makes me cry, and has started a bit of a love affair with Leonard Cohen. I am sad that I only just found him! All the other versions of this song that came afterwards have now paled into insignificance for me. Thanks to Susan for posting this on FB. AndContinue reading “Poetry in Music – Hallelujah”

Poetry in Music – Handwritten

Loving this song – especially this bit: Here in the dark, I cherish the moonlight I’m in love with the way you’re in love with the night And it travels from heart to limb to pen The Gaslight Anthem – Handwritten from heart to limb to pen Sums up poetry really doesn’t it? The GaslightContinue reading “Poetry in Music – Handwritten”