spiders thin and spiders tiny are greeted and appreciated for the work that they endure to rid me of the pesky flies but spiders large and spiders hairy they do not get a warm reception more an urge to scream and run so when this greeted me this morning a shriek emerged without intent aContinue reading “Spider!”

Ponderings on Church Bells

The bells ring At the village church Reminding me With guilty start That there are Things I should Be doing Not lying In bed reading poems And smothered Reminders of Other guilt pangs Because I hear the call But I ignore And reject the childhood Years of Sunday Best and twicely Visits to “God’s house”Continue reading “Ponderings on Church Bells”

here would I lie

oh here would I lie with you in the shadow of the weeping willow while drunken bees stumble slowly by all smothered in gold dust here where the air is thick and heavy where turquoise skies are framed by leaves here where the warm grass caresses our skin and birds sing us a lullaby ohContinue reading “here would I lie”

Where did you go?

Where did you go, warm summer days? Where have you taken your sunshine and flowers? The air grows colder now, the blossoms fade The evenings are darker, the light slips away Life is ending, the pulse of nature thins Soon the trees will shed leaves and stand bare And I will look for you thereContinue reading “Where did you go?”