On Saturday we went round to the pond in the village to do some work for my daughter’s project (The Barley Hollow Project). On the way we stopped by the church wall to see if there were any snowdrops. There were some there as well as a few further down the road. So I hadContinue reading “Snowdrops”

Best of 2019

Happy New Year! I thought I’d have a look back at my most popular posts from 2019, even though I’ve not posted as much as I used to. I’ve used the WordPress stats page to see which posts had the most views, and here’s the top 10. Number 10: The Shires (and other animals) ofContinue reading “Best of 2019”

Looking Back and Looking Forward

As all WordPressers know, this is the time of year when you get an email from WordPress with a link to your ‘Annual Report’. You have the opportunity to post it on your blog, but it’s a bit dry and I’m not sure how interesting it is to other people! However it does tell meContinue reading “Looking Back and Looking Forward”

Happy New Year

2014 has arrived! And with it, it has brought more rain and wind and general greyness. So no fresh start for the weather in this brand new year – just a continuation of the damp and stormy winter that we’ve had so far. I don’t fancy venturing out with my camera today, but I didContinue reading “Happy New Year”


lying in warm darkness the quiet is not so quiet the stream rushes louder tonight swollen by rain in my mind I see the white water pouring down from the hills crashing over stones splashing swooshing swirling and I might be swept along in the tumbling torrent swept with the twigs and the leaves theContinue reading “rush”