Old and New, New and Old

As you’ll know if you’re a regular visitor, I am all about nature when it comes to photography. So when I saw this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge was “Old & New” I immediately started thinking about how I can apply this to nature, and the types of photos I like to take. I began toContinue reading “Old and New, New and Old”

New Beetle

I recently spotted this beetle in my garden. It was a new one to me. I don’t go very far from home so often I see the same creatures and plants over and over, but this was a little more unusual. Introducing the Rough-Haired Lagria Beetle (Lagria hirta). Inspired by the Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

I like to give things names …

I like to find the names of things. I’m not usually satisfied to title a photo ‘blue flower’ or ‘some kind of insect’. I like names. Sometimes it takes me ages to figure out what something is called, scouring various websites trying to match my plant or creature to one described. Here are some ofContinue reading “I like to give things names …”

Meet Sally Stonefly

Welcome to my garden, Sally Stonefly! I’m not just going around giving insects names, honestly! I found this interesting insect in my garden yesterday evening and spent a long time trying to work out what it was. Eventually I discovered it was a Common Yellow Sally Stonefly (Isoperla grammatica) … Sally Stonefly for short 🙂Continue reading “Meet Sally Stonefly”

Weekly Photo Challenge: New … AKA Dragonflies by candlelight

My sister gave me a pair of lovely little candle holders for Christmas, with delicate dragonflies flying round them. Seems perfect for the challenge this week – brand new and beautiful too! Thank you Sarah! 🙂 In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “New.”


time stumbles over this stirring-pot and trips up on our transformation from two to one from you and I to us ripples eddy forth as we forge our lives together all at once brand new yet here since bygone times as old as this landscape sprinkled with sheep but fresh and lively as the firstContinue reading “serendipity”

Spring in October

I’ve been through the dying days of autumn where all was drying, cracking, ending I’ve been through the silent days of winter where all was empty, frozen, lonely This feels like spring despite October written on the changing leaves Springtime came, false start at first with storms and sudden icy blasts of lies But thatContinue reading “Spring in October”