Hand in hand through their pondlife

My pond is full of life at the moment 🙂 There are newtlets galore (well, at least 6) and adult newts too (harder to get a decent shot of). The Frogbit (tiny lily pads) is resurfacing too. At the weekend I spotted a couple of teeny little frogs too. Only got a shot of this one.Continue reading “Hand in hand through their pondlife”

New Damsels (and Newts!)

I spied a couple of Damselflies in the garden the other day, and of course I took photos. I though they were just the standard Azures or Common Blues but on later inspection I discovered I’d found a new Damsel, so introducing … the Dainty Damselfly … Male: Male again: Female: And while hanging aroundContinue reading “New Damsels (and Newts!)”