sleep soft, love
day is done
sink in to night’s embrace
let go, love
into dreams
as breathing slows it’s pace
and in the morn
I’ll kiss your face
and laugh
with you
my saving grace



the moon
draped in cloud
for her
far below


in ink black night
I saw you
bright as neon
shining beacon
of home
I scrambled
over rocks
to reach you
through brambles
chest high
and now we rest
in calmer seas
and the taste
of you lingers
on my lips
in sleep

to sleep

cocooned in black
limbs twined
heads rest
in partnered pillows
quiet breaths
fall softly
muscles rest
thoughts drift away
peace enfolds
in quiet calm
of nighttimes’s
dark embrace

thinking of you

I am picturing
your face
crinkles, twinkles
in your eyes
I am feeling
for your hand
in the dark
of this bed
I’m imagining
the weight
of your head
on my chest
and I’m holding
you close
in my mind
and my heart

slipping into night

moments of peace
clocks tick
keys clunk
as words spill
on my keyboard

the weekend
long as it was
is over
the house has
returned to full

and only now
the quiet spreads
as eyes close soft
to sleep
as gentle breaths
and tiny sighs
replace the noise
of squabbling siblings
demanding time

accepting of my fate
I must join them
in their dreaming
as some of us
must go to work
once morning comes again


I fall
with the dusk
in heavy shades
of blue
reduced to
a silhouette
stark outline
‘gainst fading sky
as the night
pools at my feet
scented with
the promise
of spring rain

morning moon

1-moonthe morning moon hangs low
over the treetops
like a ripe fruit
watching over the hills
calm and serene

across the valley
the sun stretches and yawns
sends sunbeams bouncing off clouds
grabbing attention
dazzling eyes

the morning moon rests
wide smiling face relaxed
soft and gently glowing
patiently biding time
til darkness falls again


We have our first snow of the winter! My daughter was rather excited about this and went out before bed to spin around and enjoy the snow. Not the best photos ever but I like them because they captured the moment.

DPP_0001 DPP_0002 DPP_0003 DPP_0004

cold draught

the cold dark night seeps ‘neath the door
enquiring wispy wintry tendrils
invade through cracks and gaps

the greedy chill pools round my feet
my ankles lapped by icy flood
biting at my toes

I must paddle through this frosty sea
and clamber up to higher ground
away from icicle teeth

there to safely snuggle in
and fall into your warm embrace
and dream of summer days

night sky (a Cywydd Llosgyrnog)

observing a distant bright star
imagining something so far
in the tar black of the sky
meteor shower and comet
the emptiness of the dark split
and night lit up as they fly


This is an attempt at an Cywydd Llosgyrnog, which is a form of Welsh poetry, inspired by Bruce watching Stargazing Live.

Photo from Wikipedia. Taken by fir0002 |

the end of the day

each day ends the same
pressed in tight to you
looking up at your face
from my place
on your shoulder
a smile reaching
all the way to my toes
as we talk and kiss
holding hands