slipping into night

moments of peace clocks tick keys clunk as words spill on my keyboard the weekend long as it was is over the house has returned to full occupation and only now the quiet spreads as eyes close soft to sleep as gentle breaths and tiny sighs replace the noise of squabbling siblings demanding time acceptingContinue reading “slipping into night”

morning moon

the morning moon hangs low over the treetops like a ripe fruit watching over the hills calm and serene across the valley the sun stretches and yawns sends sunbeams bouncing off clouds grabbing attention dazzling eyes the morning moon rests wide smiling face relaxed soft and gently glowing patiently biding time til darkness falls again

cold draught

the cold dark night seeps ‘neath the door enquiring wispy wintry tendrils invade through cracks and gaps the greedy chill pools round my feet my ankles lapped by icy flood biting at my toes I must paddle through this frosty sea and clamber up to higher ground away from icicle teeth there to safely snuggleContinue reading “cold draught”