writing myself a bedtime story

just one more, my fingers beg as they caress the keys my mind has flown away again so digits have control no birds to fly with in the night my mind is swooping with bats and bathing in pools of moonlight as curious glowing eyes of sheep reflect the light like freakish floating marbles hovering…… Continue reading writing myself a bedtime story

Feverish Nonsense

I feel a little feverish (both metaphor and physical) There’s a flush on my cheeks (and a pain in my ear) And I’m thinking about thinking about you (An entirely different kind of you) And I’m thinking I should be thinking about work Though my mind wanders And begins its ponders On topics of distance…… Continue reading Feverish Nonsense

Drunken Poetry

i never tried before to write while pie-eyed in low light and drinking the biggest glass of shrinking spirits turned to gas and trying to rhyme a bottle of archers just in time with angry marchers round my head waving placards that say i should go to bed tomorrow is another day but its still…… Continue reading Drunken Poetry