Old and New, New and Old

As you’ll know if you’re a regular visitor, I am all about nature when it comes to photography. So when I saw this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge was “Old & New” I immediately started thinking about how I can apply this to nature, and the types of photos I like to take. I began toContinue reading “Old and New, New and Old”

Growing Old

will I lose myself     become an empty shell     shrivelled and dry     with nothing left of me a desiccated husk     a wisp floating on the wind this life, this vibrancy     fading away to dust sparkles fizzling out     like dud fireworks as this ache     takes all that I am my colours fading     bones growing     ever more wearyContinue reading “Growing Old”


time stumbles over this stirring-pot and trips up on our transformation from two to one from you and I to us ripples eddy forth as we forge our lives together all at once brand new yet here since bygone times as old as this landscape sprinkled with sheep but fresh and lively as the firstContinue reading “serendipity”