Old and New, New and Old

As you’ll know if you’re a regular visitor, I am all about nature when it comes to photography. So when I saw this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge was “Old & New” I immediately started thinking about how I can apply this to nature, and the types of photos I like to take. I began to…… Continue reading Old and New, New and Old


where do the days go the slippery slidey days trickling away into a river of time lost forever and here I am standing balanced on a rock mid-stream watching as all my tomorrows become yesterdays and I become old

Growing Old

will I lose myself     become an empty shell     shrivelled and dry     with nothing left of me a desiccated husk     a wisp floating on the wind this life, this vibrancy     fading away to dust sparkles fizzling out     like dud fireworks as this ache     takes all that I am my colours fading     bones growing     ever more weary…… Continue reading Growing Old