Accidentally Dreamy

IMG_8249-1This photo was  a mistake. At the weekend I was taking close-ups of my orchid with long exposures as I was indoors and there wasn’t much light. I was changing apertures about and generally fiddling, and so I ended up with several shots that went entirely wrong. This is one of them. However … when I was looking back through the photos I found I rather like this one even though it was not intended to look like this. I was after crisp focus, good detail, and realism … this has none of this, but even so, it’s got a nice dreamy quality to it that makes me smile. Hope you like it too 🙂


Orchid (again!)

IMG_8258-1-1Well the weather is truly hideous and all my hopes of a weekend of sunshine and nice walks are dashed. It’s pouring with rain and very windy again. Seems that this is how it has been for some time and it’s set to continue 😦 So I’m back to trying to find new ways to photograph my orchid. Today I tried taking even closer photos using a Macro Extension Tube. I did try with a Teleconverter on there as well but that made focusing so tricky I gave up! I hope the weather improves soon, as it’s driving me mad!

Orchid in the dark

IMG_8179-2-1The weather today is really unpleasant. Windy and rainy and cold. So no chance to get out much. Not that I had the energy for a walk really as I had a migraine yesterday so today I’m kind of delicate and rather drained. I thought I’d have a go at getting a shot of my orchid against a black background, and as I have a black sofa, that was what I used. Turned out though that the sofa was reflecting all the light in the room, so in the end I got the focus right with the light on, then switched it off and took the photo on a long exposure. I like the effect 🙂

Full Glory

IMG_8134-1I thought I’d include a photo of my Orchid in its full glory. I’m lucky enough to have lots of flowers, and there are a couple of buds too. I am tempted to take out the sticks, to make it more photogenic, but I suspect the stems won’t be strong enough to stay up on their own. Any experts on Orchids out there who could advise?

Orchid Droplets

IMG_8101-1Today I decided to spray my orchid with water (yes, it’s still alive!) and take some photos. This one is the best, I think. I am rather fond of my orchid – I’m glad I bought it. It was a toss-up between the orchid or a bunch of flowers, and I figured the orchid would last longer (as long as I don’t kill it!).

Orchid Heart

IMG_8013-1-1As usual I have been busy with work and when not at work it’s either raining or dark! So not much opportunity to get out and about. However I do still have my orchid (haven’t killed it yet) so I decided to get a close up shot right into the heart of one of the flowers. I’m trying out a new piece of software called “Cyberlink PhotoDirector 5 Ultra”, which is why there’s a new watermark. Seems like a good tool so far.