Golden Daffodils

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Life Imitates Art. I recently bought some daffodils to photograph. So I’m kind of coming at this challenge backwards, looking for some art that used these flowers. Daffodils were painted by Van Gogh in 1886, although in my opinion this is not one of his best paintings! I wonder if the actual…… Continue reading Golden Daffodils

When is a Door a Gate?

I don’t really taken many photos of buildings or doors… they’re a little large and man-made for my usual style! I expanded my thoughts on doors to other openings like gates … and came up with the Gatekeeper Butterfly: And also my lovely Chris Chalk painting of an open gateway which has a lot of…… Continue reading When is a Door a Gate?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

As you may have gathered from yesterday’s post, I am feeling a little nostalgic and remembering when my children were small. When I saw the photo challenge was masterpiece this week, I straight away started thinking that my greatest masterpiece has to be my children! After 9 months growing inside me they both emerged perfect…… Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece